Mobile Learning Apps

For Special Needs k-12


How can you use it? iTrace is an app that helps kids practice their handwriting. In a classroom, after going over a certain letter with the students or even a couple of letters, they can use this app to practice on their own how to make these letters. They can trace over letters or create their own. The app keeps track of their progress for teachers or parents, also, so that they can see how their child is doing.

Who will this app benefit? iTrace helps with early handwriting skills practice so in the classroom it would be extremely beneficial to students who are struggling and need extra practice time, or students in the class who have fine motor issues. It is perfect for students in the lower grades who are struggling.


How can you use it? Bookshare is an online library of digital books for students with print disabilities.This can be used in the classroom during free reading time, when students who are independent readers read silently on their own. Struggling readers can use this app to help them practice and get better at reading- especially at times when they don't have their teacher beside them to help them through the words they don't understand.

Who will this app benefit? Bookshare will help students print disability, such as blindness or low vision, a learning disability, or a physical disability that makes it difficult for them to read on their own- or even allow students who cannot read on their own to hear the books that they want to read but aren't able to. It is helpful for students in the lower elementary grades who are not able to keep up with the rate of learning of some of their classmates.


How can you use it? Evernote is an app that allows you to make lists, notes, and reflections. It is a tool for students with organizational or focus issues, as it is something that can appeal to different learning styles. In elementary classes it is common to have 'journal times' or 'reflection passages', and in situations like these it is easy for students to get distracted and not get anything written on a regular sheet of paper. It has color-coding, highlighting and a read-aloud options for students to utilize. They can also make use of the list making tool to keep track of the homework or readings they need to take home.

Who will this app benefit? Evernote could really help students in the class struggling with distraction issues, organizational issues, troubles with auditory processing, and anyone with verbal memory problems. It could strongly benefit students in grades one, two and three who are struggling to keep up with journaling, or writing in general and can help them to be more organized and focused during class time.


How can you use it? Notability is a note-taking app, in which students can record, note take, highlight, and organize notes that they need in the classroom. In an upper level elementary or junior high science class, they could use it to take down the notes from the lesson and add images or reminders to help them study, remember and understand the things they write down. With this app, they can draw, record or type their notes.

Who will this app benefit? Notability can help with students who struggle to organize their notes, who need visual cues to remember notes, who have distraction issues, or verbal memory issues. There is also a setting in which they can have their notes read back to them aloud.

Write About This

How can you use it? Write About This is an app that could be used when you want your students to create a story. During Language Arts, have a 'free writing lesson' in which you instruct your students to write a story about any topic of your choice. For example, if it is nearing Mother's Day have them create a story about their mother, or during a fairytale unit have them create a fairytale. They can use this app to write their story- utilizing the read-aloud function and also the prompt function when they are out of ideas or get 'stuck'. Prompts will pop up with a picture to help get their minds going again.

Who will this app benefit? Write About This can help students who have problems staying focused, ADHD, or even students who are at the right level of writing but just need an extra boost sometimes to get going.

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