What Happens When You Do Drugs

And all types of drugs

Marijuana is a type of drug that makes you calm down and can have the same  effects as smoking.  This can come in either a smoke, brownie, cake, pipe, "blunts."


Cocaine is a type of drug that can destroy your brian cells and seriously mess you up, physically and mentally.


An LSD is a tab that gets put on a muscle  and gives the same effect as if you were on any other drug. You can also put the little tab on your tounge and it gets absorbed straight in to your blood stream and into your stomach along with the fluids and your intestines which takes nutrients from things to support your body and when you absorb this drug into your body you are putting your self at risk. If you take a lot of this drug you can hallucinate. if the drug is strong enough, you can possibly kill your self.

By: Matt And Sean.

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