Future of Technology in Animation in 2025

                          "technology inspires the art" (John Lasseter,2012)

Animation ?

Animation is a technique in which the illusion of movement is created by displaying on a screen, or recording on a recording device.The picture attached above itself describes the definition of the word Animation.

History of Animation

1889-Thomas Edison developed the first camera, the Kinetoscope which was capable of projecting thirteen seconds of film.

World's First Animated Film(1906)

1906-J. Stuart Blackton made "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces," where he used an artist's hand to draw faces and figures that begin to move.

The Silent Era

1910- Emile Cohl used paper cut-outs to illustrate an early example of an animated film. With that technique he only required to reposition the figure instead of redrawing it ultimately saved

1914-Winsor McCay known as the father of American animation, created his cartoon character of "Gertie the Dinosaur," which required thousands of individual drawings.

Same year, Earl Hurd at John Bay Studios, developed the technique of drawing on transparent cels and then photographed each one. Cel animation technique became the foundation of animated film-making for decades.

Disney's Animated Cels

1932-Disney advanced the cel animation process and produced the first talking animated film, "Steamboat Willie," an instant success that introduced Mickey Mouse.

1937-Disney produced the first full-length color animated film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," earning an Academy Award, the first of 37 Oscars for Disney.

Early Computer Animation

1985-Disney Studios abandoned cel animation entirely for the computer-generated process. The computer program, developed by Disney and Pixar artists and engineers, allowed camera movements like pans, tilts and zooms as part of the filming process.

CGI Animation and 3D Present technology

Motion Capture Technology

1990s-Computer-generated imagery (CGI) changed film making forever with the movies "Terminator 2" and "Jurassic Park" in the 1990s.

1995-Walt Disney Productions and Pixar Animation Studios jointly produced "Toy Story"the first feature film completely animated by computers using CGI technology.

2004-Present-The technique of "motion capture" is the process of recording any movement, human or animal, then transferring it digitally. The first film to use the method was 2004's "The Polar Express." The 2009 film "Avatar" reinvented 3D technology as the first movie that used performance-capture imagery to produce realistic 3D characters and an entire world.

This technology uses the recording process. In this the actions of human are recorded and make use of that information for creating computer animated videos in 2D or 3D formats.

Animation Technology In Multimedia

The principle capacity of enhancements or advanced activity in Cinema is to make pictures and impacts that look practical. The other capacity of computerized innovation is to diminish the measure of physical work done by using the most recent machine produced advanced engineering that is made consistently.

Software's being used these days:-

  • blender
  • 3D Max (Autodesk)
  • Maya (Autodesk)
  • Cinema 4D (Maxon)
  • Softimage (Autodesk)
  • Z Brush (Pixologic)
  • Mudbox (Autodesk)
  • Modo (Luxology)

Animated Movies:-

  • Avatar
  • Transformer
  • The Lego Movie
  • The Nut Job

Animation Technology in Multimedia 2025

The future of animation in multimedia in 2025 is bright which we can be predicted. There are so many tools being used as a software to make the animated movies realistic. In future new types of software will be developed such as VFX, Cinema4D and Maya. These would be helpful to mature unpredictable and in impractical things in movies as we saw the new vision and new concept in recent launched movie Transformers.

The development of technology is a never ending process and thus animation would also evolve. In the past old technology, we have to be amazed by such creativity. If animating pictures can be made from such archaic technology, we can be sure there would be more amazing achievement in the future with the advanced invention. Maybe in the future, 3D animation would not be limited on 2D screen, but we would see 3D animation on our real 3D environment.

Here is an example of the future animation.

Animation Technology in Video Games

These days, we are used to the bright, often realistic images in our video games, but it wasn't always this way. Back in the day, video games were just simple pixels; they were simple in color as well. From playing pong in black and white to the full-color games available today, video games colours have come a long way.

Today’s video games are played on a range of different consoles and offer millions of color. Speed has also drastically improved, making it possible to render many hues in order to provide the best colours possible. However, some game developer prefer the simpler, brighter graphics for their game playing experiences.

Future of Animation in Museums

Museum is a place or a building where the objects of historical, artistic, scientific specimens and objects from the past are placed, studied and are displayed. Museums usually remind us about that what was happened on earth with trusted proofs. Also provide us the knowledge that how other species lived their lives on the earth.

                                             Today most of the museums are digitized. They have touch screen computers, animated videos etc. Just with the touch of a finger on a screen we can explore all the data about a particular object present in the museum.

  • In future with the help of 3D technology you can explore a building or historic site where you are not able to go either because you can’t afford it or because of some physical disability just by sitting on a chair in your home.
  • Touch screens helps to explore the each and every corner of museums virtually which may be missed by you while visiting to the particular place.
  • In future you can put whole museum in a digital device.
  • Animated videos help people to enjoy as well as to get knowledge.
  • The future museums will be more fun and source of entertainment like the same we have in parks.


In a nutshell we personally believe that the future technology in the field of animation is possible to achieve because with the advancement in the technology the animation field has already changed. In the past animations were created with paper cuts, chalks etc. but now, we are using the computer software's to perform the same actions. As the technology is continuously rising up day by day, one day we will explore the animation world like our real world.


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