Entertainment Job Description


When I get old enough to get a job, I would want to be an actor. I love acting and it is honestly the thing I would want to do for the rest of my life. As I will mention a few times in this job description, I love acting because it takes me some other place than I am right now. I get to be someone else for a while.

Who would I report to?

If I was an actor, I would report to the director of the movie, or my "agent."

What is the purpose of my job?

The purpose of an actor is to entertain people and take them places they haven't been before. To make them feel like they're somewhere else. The purpose I have as an actor is to  make others feel happy, sad, all different kinds of emotions, like they're not actually sitting in a room watching a performance or a movie. I like acting because when I'm doing it, I don't have to think about everything else that is going on in my life, I can be someone else for a while.

What are my duties and responsibilities?

  • To audition for a movie, so I actually get paid
  • To show up for practice if I do get into a movie
  • When you are an actor, people look up to you, so I would have to set a good example
  • To convey emotions, actions and words to the audience
  • Work hard at learning my part and doing a good job in movies


  • Education: To be an actor or actress, you don't any educational background, you have to rely solely on acting skills
  • Technology Skills: As an actor I would need to know how to use the sound systems, lights, microphones, and other things like that.
  • Abilities: In some roles in movies, you might have to run or be in a choreographed fight, so you would have to be physically in shape. Still in other roles, you might have to sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. In order to be an actor you need to be able to portray another character, you need to make the audience feel something.
  • Personal Characteristics: To be an actor, I would need to be expressive in all I do. I would have to literally radiate energy by being purposeful with every action I make and every word I say. Being fully committed is another part of it too. I would need to be so  committed that I can make the audience believe that I am actually someone else, not my self.

How much does acting pay?

In a survey in May 2012, the median hourly wage for actors was $20.26. The lowest 10% earned less than $8.92, and the top 10% earned more than $90.00. Now obviously, I would want to get payed more than $90.00 an hour for acting (that would be AWESOME!!), but even if I got payed about $20.00 an hour, I would be okay with it, because it would be doing what I love.