My PAAC Digital Portofolio       2014-2015

Period 7 Melanie Gaeta

I created this in Photoshop .

Photoshop is where you can edit pictures for example this project i created the " Wolfger" which is a wolf and a tiger together, this is the type of projects you can create in photoshop.

That is also one of my favorite projects i created also in photoshop. where i combined my name and a galaxy. its cool to work with photoishop.

This is Keynote Presentations, where you can create a presentation about anything you'd like. i created a presentation about my project i presented earlier about " Wolfger " .

This is Pages. Here you  can create flyers, business cards and stuff related.

Here i created a flyer for field day.

This is called Blogger, its on google and this is where you can blog/ post things you like and people will view this.

The Rest of What we Learned.

Digital photography is when we take pictures of whatever you want.

Video Production is where you make like movies or like animation.

Sound Engineering is where you can like record your own voice or litem and edit others.

Animation is where we crated what is called " Penny Bounce " where we created an animated movie of a penny bouncing and did more like that.

Fashion Design is where we learned and crated a fashion collection and created a website about history of fashion and our new clothes we created.

Game Design is where we created and edited a game in " " . we also learned about the history of video games.

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