Beaded Jewelry – A Description Of The Many Types Of Beads Available

Jewelry has always been the interest of women all across the world. The art of jewelry making has taken on many forms in different countries with each culture having its own unique style of adorning the female body. Modern day accessories have taken on a whole new meaning of contemporary panache with the many new styles and designs being adopted in the art of jewelry making. But for those of women who love the rustic appeal of traditional jewelry types, beaded jewelry happens to be an amazing style to adopt.

The sellers of beaded jewelry have come up with many different varieties that you can play around with and create your own signature style that goes perfectly well with the rest of your outfit. This variation is brought about with the help of different types of beads that are used to make the jewelry. Not only can you experiment with different types of colours and combinations but also with the materials used to manufacture the beads themselves. Let us look at what are the options available in the market for the same.


Glass gives beaded jewelry an amazingly classy and elegant look. They create a lovely shine and can be created in almost every colour under the sun. You would think that glass beads will prove to be extremely delicate but you will be surprised to know they are much more resilient that what you think.


When you think about going for a more rustic and hippy style with your jewelry, wooden beads will prove to be a good option for you. Different types of wood lend different textures and colours to the beads which can later be engraved to create even more unique combinations. When the jewelry is just the brown wood colour, they are very versatile and can go with any outfit.


Metal beads tend to look great with leather and will perfectly suit you if your idea is to create a Goth look for yourself. But that is not all. Metals like gold and silver have forever been used to create beaded jewelry and can be fashioned to create almost any design your heart desires. They are much more resilient and can be easily polished again and again to retain their original look and lustre.


Beaded jewelry that utilises plastic beads is generally meant for children. But there are many variations that you can use to create exquisite looks for yourself as an adult too. Just like glass, plastic jewelry comes in a wide variety of colours and you can experiment extensively to find the combination that suits your outfit best. Plus, transparent plastic beads can prove to be sturdy replacement of glass beads, adding more strength to the jewelry on a whole.


Clay beads have been around for a very long time and can easily be witnessed in tribal cultures around the world. Jewelry made from these beads is a lot more breakable, but they can be worn without them breaking as long as people are careful with them.

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