Q&A (#AskBri - 1)

^ oh hey its me ^

Y'all have sent in your questions and it's time for my answers!! HERE WE GO :D

@LilyBean4 says: what's your favorite band/artist and have you ever seen them live in concert?

my favorite band/artist is Pentatonix, and i got to see them live with my friend this past March.

@kyle says: how do you feel about changing profile color? Because I just granted you the ability to do so

thanks so much! i think it'll be something super fun to do to help customize my profile :)

@Its_Sarah says: will rianna ever be a thing?

for those of you who do not go to boles, rianna (spelled rhianna) is the ship of me and @ryanjablon ...and NO. it will never be a thing. sorry :/

@PlainJane says: what's your favorite thing about tackk?

my favorite thing about tackk is how creative your can be and you have the ability to express yourself without anyone judging you.

hey guy so i'm done w/this tackk! i wanted to have more questions but oh well ;) if you liked it leave questions/make your own tackk with #AskBri