Modernism and Tradition in Ernest Hemingway's Life. -Book. Pages (58-59) A Very Short Story'

By:  Sara R.

Modernism and Tradition in Ernest Hemingway ‘s

“In our Time” – A Very Short Story by Hemingway

  • The first Nick stories are built on timeless themes and storylines

A very short story is a description of an unnamed soldier who falls in love with a nurse while hospitalized in Italy .

  •   Hemingway decided to include it in he context of ‘In our Time’
  • Its thematic resonance with Nick’s development is beyond dispute
  • The unnamed ex-soldier ‘s love affair seemed to have been a particular version of a ‘separate peace’ in the midst of war for he is crushed when he received a letter from Luz after his return to the United States
  • She writes that theirs had only been an affair not true love
  • Luz remained in Italy and she gets dumped in a passage that mocks her own naviete. The story ends with the protagonist contracting ghonorrhea with a shop assistant.
  •   Sexual dimensions of the story- Hemingway and Kurowski had sex in his hospital bed
  • The sex in the story is a fictional recreation
  • Hemingway’s narrator tell us what he does not what he thinks and his response to Luz’s rejection remains ambiguous
  • The young man’s sexual encounter could have been prompted by a misguided attempt to assuage his loneliness and his hurt to find a replacement for Luz or to seek sexual relief.