Life Is A Bicycle

By: Caroline Lawing

"There are far, far better things ahead than what you choose to leave behind"

The handle bars are the sovereignty to life,

and the seat is your reputation.

But once the training wheels are gone you have to assimilate to balance yourself without inquiring termination.

The wheels might become protracted or the brakes might begin to not function,

but both of these things can and will be adjusted.

"In three words you can sum up everything you have learned about life, it goes on"

Sitting out in the rain will cause damage and rust,

but before you finish riding through the journey of your life you’re guaranteed to stir up a little dust.

Between the end and the beginning, you will begin to lose but while still winning.

Although it won’t stay as shiny as the day you bought it,

your personality show through the scars of the bike because your the one who owns it.

All the dents and dings that you have encountered along this winding way

have helped transform you into what you have become today.

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true"

You are vowed to fall off as you ride through this life,

but how did anyone ever know exuberance without encountering strife?

No one ever promised you that this life would be easy,

because always remember that the oblivion came within the infinity.

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3 years ago

Wonderful, Caroline! Excellent poem.