My Favorite Season

By: Gracie Beal

The air is soft, but crisp when you walk outside. As you are walking to the bus stop in you jacket, the sound of kids talking as their are walking to the bus stop fills your ears. "Thanksgiving break here I come!" The kids would say.

Then instantly the taste of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, ham, and other Thanksgiving foods that are yummy desserts like fudge and cranberries that burst in your mouth, flavors that will make you want more even though you’re so full, come to your head and then to your taste buds and suddenly make you feel stuffed.

After that delightful thought was over a big gust of wind came and made you feel cold.

Other people say that usually this season is chilly, and they think of Halloween, creative costumes, delicious, sweet candy, hanging out with best friends, and trick or treating.

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