Pegasus and Bellerophon

By Rhett Hilburn and Will Avery

Bellaraphon riding Pegasus

As soon as Bellerophon saw Pegasus he wanted to capture him but did not know how. When he asked how to capture Pegasus he was advised to go to the goddess Athena. Athena gave Bellerophon the golden bridle that allowed him to capture Pegasus. Two kings tried to have Bellerophon killed indirectly by sending him to do dangerous tasks. However, Bellerophon succeeded and soon became prideful. He decided to try to go to Olympus but Pegasus threw him off. Bellerophon then wandered the earth until his death while Pegasus went to Zeus' stables.

The moral lesson of this story is that pride can be your downfall. Bellerophon became to prideful and ended up being cursed to wander the earth.

One modern day connection is the Pegasus Constellation. It is named this because when the stars are connected it looks like Pegasus.

Another connection is Pegasus Airlines. It is named this because it makes flying easy and fast. In the story it says that long distances meant nothing to Bellaraphon when he rode Pegasus.

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