A Look at Cacoo

Reviewer: Lauren B.

Technology service: Cacoo

Website Link: www.cacoo.com

Price: Free

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Overview: Cacoo is a wonderful website that allows you to create diagrams in real time the resources for educators are endless with using this website. Teachers can create diagrams to help students understand the content. Teachers can create visuals for students who are specific types of learners. By using the website, teachers receive an outlet to make accommodations for learners with special needs. In addition to, students can access Cacoo and learn how to organize their own content. Therefore, learning will be a collaboration of ideas between the teacher and the class. Students can create diagrams as projects. The website allows you to create and publish work so the whole class can collaborate their ideas. The website is in real time, so students and teachers can collaborate without wasting any classroom time. Overall, Cacoo is an excellent resource for educators who want to digitally organize their work. Students will increase their knowledge by creating and sharing ideas in an online learning community.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4c8jD7fvUE

Work sample: Example a Cacoo Diagram


Educational Connections

  • • Creative technique to allow students to organize content.
  • • Increases technological literacy in the classroom
  • • Differentiated Instruction for students who learn best especially visual learners.




Tags: #idt #idt #edtec

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