Derrick Rose

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade language arts class made by Anthony P

     Derrick Rose was born October 4, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.   

                                  Significant events that affected Derrick's life                                                                                      - Father left him and his family

                                                        - His grandma's death

                                                        - His fellow teammate's death

                                                        Derrick's Childhood                                                                      As a child Derrick spent most of his time at the park near his house practicing his basketball skills with his brothers or friends. Derrick had a rough child hood living in a bad neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. When Derrick was in high school he played for the varsity basketball team and lead them to many championship.                                      

                                  People who influenced Derrick's life                                                                              - Reggie Rose (brother)- Helped Derrick with his basketball skills

                             - Brenda Rose (mother)- Gave Derrick advice about his life

                               - Grandma- Helped Derrick through his childhood

                                                                  Unique Facts                                                                                                                     - Has a 40 inch vertical jump                                                                                          - Can run down the court with just bouncing a ball 3 times                              

                                                                 Accomplishments                                                                                                          -  Won NBA rookie of the year in 2009                                                                                             - Won the NBA MVP award in 2011


The theme of Derrick's life was to follow your dreams and overcome obstacles you will be successful in life and that nothing is going to hold you back from being a better basketball player.                                                             

                            Derrick's words of advice and what he has taught me....                       Derrick Rose taught me a lot about life and gave me some good advice like that if  you try your hardest then you will succeed. Derrick gives people advice that his brothers and mom passed down to him so that he could help other people succeed.

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