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1822-  march, 10 1913 was an african-american abolitionist humanitarian, and union spy during the american civil war. born into slavery tubman escaped and subsequently made about thirteen missions to rescue  appproximately seventy  enslaves  family and friends.

In 1849- tubman fled maryland , leaving behind her free husband of five years john tubman, and her parent's ,sister's ,  and  brother's . https://www.nwhm.org/education-resources/biography/biographies/harriet-tubman/

In 1865 the total african american population

In 1820-1913 when she was about 12 year's old, the young slave girl harrit tubman was ordered to help tie up captured slaves.As was often https://www.nwhm.org/education-resources/biography/biographies/harriet-tubman/

1857- auburn. on the road between syracuse and rochchester, were a number of sympathetic quakers and other abolitionists settled at auburn.

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this is a picture of harrit tubman