Sole Survivor Policy

The sole survivor policy was introduced so that if all children from a family were in the military, they would would have someone to carry on the bloodline. This movie is vaguely based and a real story that this actually happened with the Niland brothers, but the real story is not as exciting as the one in the movie.

Invasion of Normandy

This scene accurately displays the chaos and tragedy of the biggest battle WWII. the scene cost 11 million dollars and even the people who lost limbs in the film actually did have limbs missing. The actors who played the people actually didn't have limbs, there were 20-30 actors who didn’t have limbs and used prosthetic's and fake blood to accurately show what was happening.

Fictional Snipers

Pvt. Jackson's killing the German sniper by firing a shot through the man's scope and into his eye was based on a true event, although it was not in WWII and not by a Pvt. Jackson. It was accomplished by Marine Pvt. Carlos Hathcock during the Vietnam War. Hathcock was a sniper who was being fired at by a concealed NVA sniper.

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