My Journal

My name is Melanie and I like to listen to music. Music gets my mind off of things and helps me concentrate when doing tasks. I listen to all types of music except scream-o and country, I cannot understand scream-o and country is just too slow. I can listen to whichever song I am in the mood of; could be sad, mad, happy or just fine. Overall I am an easy going person that just wants to get school over with.


9/1/14 The most eventful day since school started for me would be the first day of school. I got to see a lot of people that I couldn't see during the summer. It was the day when my friends and I were reunited. I also went out to eat with other friends right after school ended. So I got to see a bunch of my friends and had dinner all on the same day.

9/4/14 I chose "Manipulating a WW2 Fighter Aircraft" photoshop tutorial, not because I like WWII, but because I like to make dramatic pictures. I would like to learn how to put together a picture and make it look dramatic. I like the scenery of those types of pictures because they don't look ordinary at all. It is nice to have a photoshop effect like this one so you won't have to burn down buildings to be able to take a dramatic picture. I had Photo Journalism my freshman year so I already know the basics of photoshop therefor, I am now ready to start learning interesting things.

9/8/14 I would like to learn how to make pictures look tragic. I have always wanted to learn how to do it because I'm a fan of them. I like how you can turn a happy image into a dramatic image. I want to learn how to use CS3 so I can work on images outside of school. I wouldn't have to wait to get to school to ask how to use a photoshop tool. I would like to learn how to design posters so I can decorate rooms or use them  for projects. I could make myself a poster so I can put it up on my wall. I want to learn how to insert other images into a certain picture and make it look realistic. I know how to add layers to images, but making it look realistic is always a problem. I want to learn how to design a logo, or put together a logo. I have my own little business and would like to design a logo for my business cards.

9/18/14 You can make multiple designs using the pen tool. You can crop a picture's background and insert another one of your choice to make it have a different scenery. You can also crop someone out of a picture and insert another person to make it look like you actually took a picture with for example, a celebrity. You can draw your own character using the pen tool, just like our assignment. Instead of browsing for a character with the features that you want, you can actually create it yourself.

9/22/14 Elizabeth's Quiz on what we learned on Photoshop was very accurate. Every question made sense and spelling was right. Question three did need to be reworded, but I still understood what the question meant. I got 5 out of 5 on her quiz so it was fairly simple. It did stay on topic and were about Photoshop. We did have one question in common which was the how to Zoom in and out of a document; only difference was that it was differently worded.



Black out Monday- Students are to wear black to show their support/spirit.

Blast from the past Tuesday- Students dress with clothes from the past, usually from the 70's.

Gender Bender Wednesday- Guys dress as girls and guys dress as guys.

Tacky Tourist Thursday- Students dress as a tourist to show their spirit.

Hawk out Friday- Hawks wear their colors with pride to support the Hawks for the Bird Bowl.


I am thankful for my friends because they make my life so much better. They are there for me through good and bad and help me get through the tough times. I am thankful for my dog, Demi. Without my dog I would be lonely everyday after school. I am thankful for my phone because I can communicate with my other half through out the whole day. I am thankful for  my family because they push me to do things that seem impossible to accomplish. I am thankful for my job because it has taught me to stay confident through it all. I am thankful for all the material things that I have and that I don't deserve. I am thankful for my second chance at life and that I am able to fight back my tumor. I am thankful for still being alive, because I am able to be a part of and experience all the wonderful things in life.


During the break, I sponsored five girls so they could have a proper modeling mentor ship. I also helped my boyfriend prepare the brisket for our Thanksgiving dinner. I helped a couple of people practice their lines for a play that we are hosting. Other than that, I slept in for the rest of the break.

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