K-12 mLearning Apps


Allows students to upload,view and access files on any electronic device. This app can be placed onto any mobile device or computer. Does not require app itself can access as long as there is wifi. Easy and very compatible!
It is also free


Allows for students to create their own flashcards to help them memorize important information. No longer need to use paper flash cards and have a stack of them to carry around and be place on mobile devices.

It is free as well


Allows for writing essays and new articles. Can Sync up with any apple device. Also has templates that students can use to personalize.

Khan Academy

Has multiple information on subjects, goes from broad to a specific focus. Breaks down subjects into subcatergories and also has videos to demonstrate their explanations.

iStudiez Pro

Electronic agenda. Excellent way for parents and students to track their homework. It will notify the student when due dates are approaching. Great app for those who are constantly busy with more than one area in life. Could be used for student appointments and helps with time management.

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