End of Year Collage Project


Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Do you think the world is a bad place ? Don't you think its probably the lack of good people ?  The world needs more good people. If there was more good people than bad i think the world would be a better place.  One reason of this is bad people are killing other people. There's a lot of proof of this for example, terrorist attacked Paris and killed a lot of innocent people in this attack.  Another reason we get mad a lot and ask ourselves the question why are people so bad ? Is people stealing from other people. I'm sure we all have herd the example of someone dropping there money or wallet. Yet a lot of people keep money when they are put in this scenario. When we talk about "good people" this a perfect example someone that sees when someone drops whatever that's important not just money and they tell them. And if your the one that dropped something and someone tells you or give it back don't you feel good ? There's that little voice that says wow that person is really nice.  A lot of people argue with this saying there not "bad" there just trying to help themselves, or they need it more, or they are struggling. Whatever reason may be you shouldn't take advantage of others for your benefit. They won whatever they have stealing or killing isn't the answer. Why should someone else pay for your mistakes?  Anyways in my opinion if we could all just put our part and make an effort to be that "good person" the world would be a better place . Put your part and help someone else do something that isn't for you help your community, those are just characteristics of a good person .

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern

Jonathan is good friend of mine we go to high school together and we have multiple classes together so we talk quite a lot. I am qualified to write Jonathan's letter of recommendation because i know him, how we works, his talent, and what he can do. Jonathan can work independently but also works great with other people. He can be a great leader, he also works a lot when needed too he will do whatever to finish the work on time. I think he is qualified to be a music producer because he loves music , he can produce great mix-tapes, and this is something he really desires so i know he will work hard to achieve his goals as a music producer. He really is meant for this job because not only does he love music he knows lot about it and its his life. He loves to hear music from other DJ's but he also loves to make his own music. He has everything his energetic, he has the love for it, he knows how to party, he is great at making this type of music; therefor i think her would really fit this job position. I highly recommend Jonathan because i really think he could make it far in this career and be big, plus i really love his music. If you would like to know more about Jonathan please feel free to contact me at 1-(800) know more about Jonathan.

Truly Javier Lopez

Cover letter

Lopez Javier, End of the rainbow 6783, wonderland 11101

May 5, 2015

Piero Lardi Ferrari owner of the Ferrari automobile industry

Dear Piero Lardi Ferrari

I would be honored to work at such a great company like yours. I want to offer my services to your company, i think i could help your company and help it grow into a better company. I have a lot of refreshing new ideas for your cars. And I would be more than happy to help produce this ideas and build cars that will make this company better than any other super/sports car industry. I would really like to be the Head of all Ferrari Productions. I know i could be really good at this job position with new and ideas and curiosity of where we can make with this company and what cars we could build. We will create cars that everyone will want and better than any other. I have worked as a designer and mechanic for several other car company's; like ford, Lexus, and Koenigsegg. I would like you to consider what my ideas and your company could make. Thank you for your time.


Javier Lopez


Javier Lopez


2147 End Of The Rainbow



Objective as a professional

To conquer my job mates be a leader to them, make them better everyday and myself as well.  Also to be the best at what i do, and have fun along the way.


Elementary school~ completion date 7/29/2004-5/29/2011 Middle School~ completion date 7/30/2011-5/27/2014 High School~ Dates 7/28/2014-Present. *Accomplishments -Won 3rd in district science fair in 4th grade -Won district in 8th Grade for soccer as a captain for a 1st year school -Passed engineering course as a freshman.


As a fresh man in high school i took or chose the engineering path. Therefor i took the class Intro to Engineering and as a sophomore i will take Digital Electronics.


-Great with computers and programs. Very good team worker. I challenge myself a lot.

Job Application