Michael Clifford is a literal angel. He is a ray of sunshine beamed straight from heaven come to bless us all with his presence. He is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

This is Daniel. Daniel is a lion and he belongs to Michael. Unfortunately the current whereabouts of Daniel are unknown, but Michael and Daniel share many good memories none the less.

Michael likes to dye his hair a lot. About every 2 months, Michael has a new hair colour. Since the making of this collage, Michael has also had firetruck red hair and his current colour, black hair. It is always a surprise what colour Michael will dye his hair next.

Michael often hides his hands under his shirt sleeves. This adds to him being just generally the best person ever.

He always shuts his eyes and screws up his face when he is laughing. Come on, how can you not adore that? LOOK AT HIM.

Michael often likes to refer to himself as punk rock, but Michael is the cutest little kitten. His legendary line "I can do what I want, I'm punk rock", is quite famous within the 5sos fam.

Michael generally doesn't care what people think. He speaks his mind and says what he wants to say, no matter what his opinion is.

This is a collage of all Michael's tattoos. He has the words "To The Moon" inscribed in cursive on his inner left bicep, he has an anchor on his left thumb, he has lines and an abstract pattern on his left elbow area, and he has an X on his right middle finger.

As you can see, Michael also has an eyebrow piercing. Overall, everyone loves his tattoos and piercings and his adorable personality.

Michael has an amazing voice, which people often under appreciate. He is truly talented. I always have to smile whenever I see a picture of Michael and I love that. I love how he makes thousands of people happy every single day, simply by existing and being himself. And that is why I love Michael Clifford.

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