2014 National history day
Paper process

Why are you doing it?- I chose John Muir and his duty to save the environment because I'm interested in the the environment and had once traveled to the forest in California which was named after him. I curious to learn more about it. It takes a lot to just give up your life in civilization to go out and advocate for nature's rights. It's inspiring. He also was doing all these amazing things for the Earth while raising a family.

How are you doing it? I created two sets of 20 index cards that is a concoction of information on John Muir. I used some of the information that I wrote on the cards as well as read articles on the internet that has helped me progress in my project.

What type of delivery are you planning for your topic? I'm planning to deliver my presentation by a prezi (type of powerpoint) . I chose it because I didn't want to create a poster board project or a ordinary essay. Prezi is a more interactive way to present information with brilliant editing techniques and other things that could make my presentation special. I use some of my research and input it in the slides that Prezi provides. I added pictures to give a greater visual of what I wrote.

How my project relates to the theme- It tells the story of Muir and how he put a lot of heart and passion in his duty to save the environment. It talks about the rights he had to create bills and petitions in order to save national landforms and pieces of nature. It also gives an idea of how he felt and how he believed he had a responsibility to help preserve wildlife. It takes you in the shoes of John Muir and gives an idea of how much of a conservationist he was.

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