Description of a Giant Panda

Giant pandas are considered a type of bear. But they actually belong to a separate species, or group, of mammals called  Ailuriopda melanoleuca which means "black-and-white-cat-foot. The pandas skull is different from that of a bear, it has short muzzle and its heavier and more solid. White covers their face, neck, rump, and tail. Their ears, shoulders, and legs are black, as is the area of around their eyes. Giant pandas are pigeon-toed and waddle when they walk, but they are good swimmers and climb tress easily. The giant panda lives alone. They really don't have a specific place where they live, they just move to one place to another. The word panda means "bamboo eater". Bamboo is a kind of grass with woody, hollow stalk, which the giant pandas adore. Pandas have a powerful jaws and large, ridged teeth for crunching through hard woody bamboo for about 12 hours or more per day. The bamboo the giant panda eats passes through the pandas short intestine, it passes so quickly that the food isn't digested, and the nourishment is lost.

Compare and contrast
Giant panda&Red panda

The giant panda is compared to the Red Panda. The giant panda well is giant as the red panda is the size of a large house cat, it resembles a raccoon, with stripes under its eyes and a bushy, ringed tail. Like the giant panda, the red panda lives alone in the same habitat, both eat bamboo, and has a special wrist bone for grasping food. Scientist group the giant panda and the red panda in their own group; their own family. But other experts place them in separate groups.

The red fox in the bottom picture is using its special wrist bone to get its food from the tree.

sequence and order

Female pandas breed every two to three years in the spring. They first breed when they are four or five year old. Males are usually a year or two older. Females have two ways to attract males. One way is that they produce deep roars, barks, and moans that can be heard far away . The 2nd way is they mark trees with their scent and urine. Then when theyre ready to mate they bleat like a goat. Five months less or more after the mating, the female finds a den or hollow fir tree in which she gives birth to one or two cubs .

When the female panda gives birth she will give birth too two cubs. The cubs will weight about five ounces, about the size of an apple. The cubs are born with there eyes closed they don't now were they are or were to go. Because they need so much help at first, mothers can take care of only one at a time. The effect of this means that the second cub dies.

Problem and solution

There is this problem that the giant pandas are having, there population is decreasing: they are in danger of extinction. Alot of people have different opinion on what the solution to this problem should be. Some people think they should take the left pandas (which there is about 1,600 left pandas left) and put them in resourceful use , let scientist take a deeper observation about pandas. Other people think they should leave them to face extinction. And last, people think they should be reserved and keep trying to make pandas mate to increase they're population.


Muzzle: The projecting part of the face, including the nose and the mouth.

Nourishment: The food or other substances necessary for growth, and health, and good condition.

Resembles: Have qualities or features, especially those of appearance, in common with (someone or something); look or seem like.

Bleat: Make a characteristic wavering cry.

Poaching: Illegal hunting

Conifers: Are trees such as pines, spruce, and first that produce cones.

Pop quiz

1. What is one of the ways the female panda attract the males?

A. Marking trees with their urine.

B. Bleat like a goat.

C. Barking

D. None of the above.

2. How much does a cub weigh when it is first born?

A. 1 lbs

B. 3 oz

C. 5 oz

D. 2 lbs.

3. How much time does a panda eat a day?

A. 7 hours

B. 2 hours

C. 12 hours

D. 3 hours

4. How do experts distinguish the giant panda from a regular bear?

A. The panda has a different skull, it has a muzzle and its more heavier and more solid.

B. The panda is friendly and not the regular bears.

C. The panda has smaller ears then regular bears.

D. The panda has a small tongue while the regular bear has a long tongue.

5. How many months does it take until the female panda can give birth?

A. 1 month

B. 8 months

C. 9 months

D. 5 months

6. Why does the pandas food not properly digest?

A. They have a small intestine so when the food passes it passes way to quickly for it to be digested correctly.

B. They shallow there food way to fast.

C. They eat sitting down so they cant digest food right.

D. They have a small stomach.

1. A

2. C

3. C

4. A

5. D

6. A

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