Russell Stover
by: Paige Price

giving candy a whole new life

Early Life

     May 6th, 1888 was a great day for the candy business. But they didn't know it at the time. That was the day Russell Stover came in to the world. Alton, Kansas to be exact. Do you love candy and ice cream? I hope so. Russell Stover was the man to make candy... well, candy!!!  

Like I said May 6th, 1888 was the day Russell Stover was born! With two siblings John and Sarah. Unfortunately, his mother passed away when he was very young.


Getting older

When Russell became old enough to get a job he started off as salesman in Chicago. Of course he was selling candy. But only the candy from small shops in his town. Russell grew tired of all the deny's, barley any money, and walking all day!! He decided to work on the family farm back in Kansas.

Candy in the making

In 1911 Russell married Clara Mae Lewis. He then re-entered the candy business.  In 1924 he opened a shop with Clara in Denver, Colorado. At first they sold a popular ice cream treat called Eskimo Pie. It became a big hit and they made lots of money.

A fresh start

In 1925 Russell and Clara opened a shop here in Kansas City, Missouri. There, they stared making many treats including chocolate. He was famous in Missouri for bringing chocolate along with other treats Missourians might not of had before. His treats had a new taste, better than ever before.  

Later life

In 1940 the shop was officially named Russell Stover candies. But sadly May 11, 1954 Russell Stover died at age 66. But he had a lot of of accomplishments in his life, I would say he lived a fine life. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get."  That was a quote made famous by Russell Stover.

Not so sad ending

Between now and the time Russell died 40 Russell Stover candies have been opened across the U.S.A. Recently in 2013 Russell Stover candies celebrated their 90th anniversary of making candy!! And there's definitely more to come.    

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