The Great Depression  

The Great Depression was from the 1929-1939.The Great Depression reached its nadir, some 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the country’s banks had failed. President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the worst effects of the Great Depression in the 1930s.


Apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

I am writing to say I'm sorry about what happened in the store. I am very sorry about talking back to you when I wasn't suppose to. sorry for putting dirt on your shoe. am asking you to tack me back, my begging you please give me my job back.

I was told by my father to write apologizing to you for my mistake I made. I need my job back because my family is in need for money, and the little that i get helps us out. i helps my family with the food and paying for house.Im am very sorry and I understand if I don't get my job back.

Sorry once again, Stan

Broadway Show

Hairspray is one of the Broadway shows that is played by a young girl that dreams in being in TV show and wining the miss hairspray. the average ticket t see this broadway was $72.54.