Manifest Destiny and Winning the West

Expansion of America

Five reasons for the American citizen to support the Manifest Destiny and the expansion of America are very important and show how the Manifest Destiny truly helped the nation expand, but in a way, come closer together. Issues of Annexing Texas, the Oregon matter, Mexican-American War, Democratic-Republicans supporting Manifest Destiny and bringing parties of the bicameral government closer together, and the Ostend Manifesto. These were very important happenings of the Manifest Destiny, and they helped shape this movement. They all complimented each other and worked for each other, and eventually making the Manifest Destiny what it was.

*Annexation of Texas - This was primarily seen by president James K. Polk as the greatest territorial expansion of the entire country along with the Louisiana Purchase which is very true. In his eyes, this was the most evolutionary thing a president had ever done. John Tyler was a supporter of this annexation, but he appointed South Carolinian John C. Calhoun to negotiate the annexing with Texas envoys. This will help economically, increase of territorial size for the whole country, and this will also push the Mexican people out of Texas, officially. Support the Annexation of Texas for the simple fact that it will give our American citizens more opportunity and safe haven to help grow and prosper in this great country. Families will be able to go to Texas and have both subsistence farming along with businesses having commercial farming, and this will be a great economic boost for the entire country and its geographical size. Land on the east coast is very exhausted while land in Texas is perfection.

*The Oregon Question - Four main landholders of this Oregon Country including Spain, Russia, British, and America. This is an enormous amount of land spreading from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific which equivocates to about half a million square miles. Spain will seceded its control over Oregon land with the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819 mainly discussed and negotiated by John Quincy Adams, and this also helped America gain control of Florida as well while releasing any claims they have on Texas under the Louisiana Purchase. Russia and Spain both relinquish their claims on the Oregon Country which would leave Great Britain and America to scrap and fight over it. This would lead to cannon fire, bloodshed, nor fighting on a battlefield. Only paper, ink, and strongly voiced opinions are being involved with this battle. George Vancouver who was a British naval officer sailed the coastline in 1792,j and during this, the Hudson Bay Company supposedly established fur-trading posts in Oregon. Lewis and Clark's Expedition surveyed the land. Also, the Panic of 1837 forces many Americans to migrate towards the Oregon Country after the United States gained control of Oregon. Many supporters of the Oregon Country can see that this will help America with having a variety different foreign threats leave the country. This is something that will lead to having foreign affairs being settled and resolved for the people.

*Mexican - American War - James K. Polk was most definitely not afraid of confrontation. He was wanting to make Texas a slave state, but this could not happen because Mexico still had some control over a majority of Texas land and had broken diplomatic resolutions with Washington. John Slidell who was a senator of Louisiana was appointed by Polk to watch over the war. He had the commands to offer Mexican leaders $30 million dollars to settle the disputes and buy California and New Mexico. These actions would fail because the Mexico did not accept Slidell as a minister and California would not revolt. Supporting this war would result in the ability for the advanced economic growth with a victorious war. The United States would gain land from Texas to California, and during this whole dispute, the Oregon Country is being settled with British, so that America has plenty of land there. There will be bloodshed, but the Mexican - American would give a stupendous economical growth for US citizens and government. The geographical growth as well will primarily be as large as the Louisiana Purchase. This major land increase coupled with the Oregon Country and Louisiana Purchase is impeccable.

*Democratic - Republicans supporting the Manifest Destiny and brings the parties closer together - The Democratic - Republicans were beginning to show a growth. The two parties start to form a unity and support the Manifest Destiny. This helped with the ability to bridge the gap between North and South. James K. Polk was very close to losing his election if it had not been for the Liberty Party. They helped support and sponsor him with another 16,000 votes that could have gone to Henry Clay. Land-hungry democrats would begin to cope with republicans, and in this glimmer of unity, people saw each other as countrymen instead of enemies and politicians who had to hate each other. This helped inspire expansion towards the west, and this helped support the Manifest Destiny.

*Ostend Manifesto - This manifesto showed that US diplomats did not focus just on American situations, but also foreign affairs that would help regulate expansion and controls a lot of things. Three American diplomats who were James Buchanan (minister of Britain), Pierre Soule (minister to Spain), and John Y. Mason (minister of France). These three specific instructions to find possibilities to acquire Cuba from Spain. This would help with the regulation and help process slaves to America and other slave holding countries. Buchanan received later political fame later on from this manifesto. It should be supported because it helps regulate the country population and helps with expansion, not just within the country, but over oceans and into other countries.

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