Portfolio with Native Web App for Tablet

Android with Native Web App


Portfolio App is a Android Mobile with Native Web Application for someone or company like artist or groups company or anything to promote their profile or something like that. Why this applications says Native Web Application, because in this Android project you can get not just Android Project but get Native Web Application with native templates build by JQuery Mobile using html, css, and jquery. And that template, you can add in Web Hosting using Web View in android function or local Website Application already in this application.

This application created in good design and very easy to customized and easy to build again to another profile app. This application have some features is About Page, Facebook Feeds, Twitter Feeds, Youtube Feeds, News Feeds, Email, Gallery, Music, Video and Map integration.

What you get : )

1. Android Project with Full Applications.

2. JQuery Mobile template created by html, css and jquery.


1. JQuery Mobile templates (Native Web App).

Include html template created by JQuery Mobile with css and jquery.

2. Local Website and connect Internet.

Integrate access local website by folder /assets/ and connect internet.

3. RSS Feeds Functions.

Facebook Page Feeds using Web View.

Twitter Account Feeds Web View.

Youtube Feeds using Web View Video by URL by Account/Username from Youtube.

New Feeds using Web View from Wordpress and any Website using Feed Burner or PodCast RSS Feeds or something like that but structured must same.

4. Search Video Link feature from Youtube Feeds.

Search video by rss feed and link to url.

5. Gallery View Image Icon.

Read image by folder in your /sdcard/ by directory "PortfolioAndNativeWebApp".

6. Map View integrations.

Just change longitude and latitude.

7. Mail page.

Mail page with email, subject, and message content.

8. Play Music and Video reload from sdcard.

9. Easy Customized.

10. Good Design for Tablet.


You can reach me by send email for reported bug and give me a suggestion for improving this app, I am very appreciate that :) If you want test this app  email in v_jonz1@yahoo.com and I will send apk file to you..