Constantinople-Keep calm and move to Constantinople!

Natalie Thompson

The Map

This map shows, the body of water resources, its really good to have water near your town! And to be able to have an easy trading route by your house, that's actually good because, you wont have to travel to different countries all the time. This is just a part of daily life in Constantinople...

The Religion

Constantinople's religion was christianity. If you were a christian, this would be a great place to live because of their church. The church is called the Orthodox, this is one of the biggest churches ever made. So moving to Constantinople and being a christian, could be good for how you live and where you live.

The Government

The example above shows rights, and laws. So for example, women now have rights to just be citizens and live a daily life in Constantinople. And as you know, all of these rights were created by the new ruler after Constantine, Justinian I. Now these were just a few of the governments laws/rules of Constantinople.So hopefully you'll like it!


Constantinople became insanely rich, so they could afford more buildings and public works. Like; Public baths, showers, and much more! And talk about all of the trade routes! I mean, why would you travel to another region to trade, when you could trade down the street from your house!!

Now Thank You for joining me with this tour of Constantinople, And now this concludes our tour!!

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