Tight Budget? Here are the Cheap Hotels to Stay in Singapore

Are you planning to have a memorable vacation in Southeast Asia? Then why not visit the famed Lion City itself, Singapore! This country is one of the most visited places in Southeast Asia. It is known for its culture and architecture. The country has traditions rooting from Indian, Chinese, Malay and British traditions. Such is the reason that in Singapore some buildings have Colonial architecture while others are more rooted to regional cultures. Little India, Chinatown and Geylang showcase the country as a melting pot of various cultures. While Orchard Road, Marina Bay and Sentosa evoke a sense of modernity that the country embraces.

These developments, along with government support for tourism makes Singapore a go-to destination in Southeast Asia. So if you plan to go to Singapore, cheap hotels are there to provide you with accommodations. There are hotels that are more expensive but staying at a cheap hotel is more affordable, right? In Singapore, cheap hotels are everywhere. You just have to know where to look. You can ask for a referral or you can look online. If you stay at a cheap hotel, you will have more money for your travels. You can experience and do more. Your trip will be even more fun and memorable.

Booking at a Singapore cheap hotels are easy. You can now book via the internet in advance. Online booking allows you to book a reservation ahead of time. You can even book a hotel months before your actual trip. Doing so will let you focus on the actual travel instead of looking for cheap reservations when you get there. Book your reservation early so that you do not worry about it down the road. Here are affordable hotels you can look into when booking a trip to Singapore:

1. Fragrance Hotel

This is one of the most popular hotel chains in Singapore. It is also one of the cheapest. Each Fragrance Hotel promises “smart comfort” for everyone of its guests. It has been a leading hotel chain since the late 90s with locations throughout Singapore.

You may know more about Fragrance Hotel thru the following:

Site: www.fragrancehotel.com

Email: contact@fragrancehotel.com

Contact number: +65 6345 6116

2. Hotel 81

Hotel 81 is also a series of hotel chains in Singapore. These hotels are strategically placed near Mass Rapit Transport (MRT) and bus stops. The hotels boast comfortable rooms with air-conditioners and bathrooms with heater. All rooms comes with a color television and have access to the internet via wireless connection.

You may know more about Hotel 81 thru the following:

Website: www.hotel81.com.sg/

3. Value Hotel

The name speaks for itself, this hotel chain provides you value for your buck. Their hotels are located near popular tourist attractions. They also offer free shuttle rides from the Novena MRT Station.

You may know more about Value Hotel thru the following:

Website: http://www.valuehotel.com.sg/

Email: email vht-res@valuehotel.com.sg/

Contact number: +65 6358 2323