Exploration Proposal

By: Ria Misra

Dear Fernando the second,

I have a magnificent offer that you cannot resist. I have  come to ask you if we could go to the new world now known as the Americas. I hope you will agree to this exceptionally good offer. In 1506 during this time people are looking for empire , gold ,slaves, we surely will be the first to find them. I am  specifically myself looking for land, gold, and spices so we can make the most greatest food of all times. We will be landing in  Florida because that is where the rest or the explorers from Spain landed.

                                                     From Ria the first,

            The  dangers is probably starvation which I can handle because I can bring to the Americas animals lots of them. First we mate the animals they have babies we fatten the parents and eat them. Then the babies become adults they have babies and we the parents and that is how it will go on.

         Disease I can handle that because we will have a sick house where all the sick people go if they are sick. So they won't spread the disease around and the sick people will only die not the healthy powerful men, women, and children.

We may come in contact with the Native Americans but I have a way out. My first way is we trade them with our very best. If they have weapons or have teamed up with other European countries we will hide making sure they think we do not exist.

Other European countries like France, England, Portugal explorers from all over the world are here in the new world. Although do not worry my soldiers and I are keeping watch out for them.

Imagine all the gold we would receive we would have so much we will be so powerful that the king of England would be your slave. Never again our nation would have to think about poverty.

With going to the Americas you will have territory. We can take land in Florida and create a civilization and they can look for gold in addition to that we will become the most powerful country in the world.

With slaves we can make them do our labor we could use the Native Americans because they are skillful and then we have one lass thing to be worried about.

The other Europeans are looking for land, gold, slaves but we will get all the items b efor anyone else does.

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