Task 1.


Let's get started with this resource. The playlist below will walk you through all the basic functions of Symbaloo. Don't worry...no single video in this playlist is over 2 minutes! You'll be creating in no time.

Tip: If you hover over the top left corner in the video below, you can choose any of the five videos included in this playlist. This way, you can skip around or return to one quickly.

Next Steps

Once you've watched the videos above, make your own Symbaloo account with at least one webmix. In our meeting, we'll cover some troubleshooting tips and useful classroom tips.

Task 2.

Remind 101

This super-simple tool will get your teachers, students, and parents connected in no time. This playlist will get you going!

Tip: Again, use the top left corner menu to navigate through the four videos if needed!

Next Steps

Once you've gone through these tutorials, you're ready to start sharing info with all! Before we meet, get yourself established with an account, a class, and a scheduled message. We'll chat about expanding the uses in practical ways.