Henry Hudson

The Northern Explorer.


Henry Hudson was born in 1565 in England Circa. He died in 1611 somewhere in Hudson bay. Their is little to no information about his parents. He was married to a women named Katherine and had three children. He was one of the youngest explorers of his time. Henry made two voyage fund by England in search of an ice-free passage to Asia and fail in his mission to find away. In 1609 he wanted on his third voyage which was fund by the Dutch United East India Company instead of England because of his fail on two that were funded by England. Also on his last voyage trying to find a rout to Asia and in the that voyage days in the crew turn against him and throw him, one of his sons and anyone  loyal of the ship.

Map of Henry Hudson voyages.

Achievements and Discoveries

Henry Hudson has a river named after him. Also he founded the Hudson bay that was later named after Henry Hudson. Had five voyages east of today Canada. Help people colonies today Canada. Help new Explores there was know pathway to Asia going north. Also traded with Indians.


Some of the impacts are he Found and explore the Hudson bay. Help us to make accurate maps. Was the first to explore Canada and help founded Canada and New York. Also help explorers to map the world because his voyages show that going north you can't  sail to Asia so they want around a different way.


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