Sarah Hedrick

6th hour

                      The Moon's Importance


The Moon's Role

The moon is very important because between giving light at night to causing different tides and much more. The moon has specialties such as the moon phases and eclipses.

The moon goes through a series of many phases. The phrases have to do with the way the Earth because the only way we see them is because the tilt and the moon is is tilted and angled from the sun and earth.

The other thing is the moon has eclipses. There are two and their called solar and lunar eclipses.

The moon also has effect on the water on earth. It changes how high or low a tide is.

  The phrase that the moon goes through are called New Moon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing gibbous, Full moon, waning gibbous, 3rd quarter, finally waning crescent.

The reason we have phrases is because it has to do with the way the earth and moon are tilted. Also as the earth is rotating  and revolving so is the moon. Only difference is the moon goes around the earth as the earth goes around the sun. It takes about a full month for the moon to orbit around the earth which is what causes phases.

The moon also effects the ocean and other bodies of water. The moon gravitational pull on the water changes the tide. Their is two different kinds of tides, Spring and heap tides. A neap tide is when the tides are low but high on the poles. The spring tide is when the tides are high but low on the poles.

There is two kinds of eclipses and their called lunar and solar. A lunar eclipse is when the moon reflects the sunlight.  The solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun.  Both have to do with the moon or the earth's shadow. The shadow's are called penumbra and umbra. The penumbra is the ligher shadow. The dark and main shadow is the umbra.  

Life without a moon would be tough in the countries and places that doesn't have electricity. It would be total darkness other than the stars and what other source the people have for light. The moon also has effects on the water. So are tides that we have wouldn't exist. Then the beautiful eclipses we like to look at, they wouldn't exist ether. So the moon actually does have a big impact on Earth even if we don't relize it.

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