Motivation is the ability to make others sustain a certain level of work and possibly surpass and overcome obstacles, challenges and more.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a scale of escalation, beginning with the basics and escalating to the egotists.

Motivation in a repetitive job would rise from promotion, dedication and though its cliché; inspiration.

Job enlargement is when a manager offers/gives an extension to a job, often this brings a sense of importance to the person in question.

Job empowerment is when an employee is given a degree of responsibility to match their job description.

Job rotation is when a job is given to multiple employees and changed daily/weekly to suit diversifying experience.

Job enrichment is when an employee's job description is massively/slightly widened to make the job worthwhile.

Team work is when 2 or more people share responsibility and equity; this usually has a basic goal in mind.

Job Empowerment