World War II - Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Why Did Adolf Hitler Surrender In World War II?

Adolf Hitler surrendered because he could see his hopes fading about winning the war. Another reason Is that Adolf Hitler surrendered is that he didn't want to actually lose the war in front of Germany.

What did a Jew feel like during the Nazi party?

A jew probally felt like running away to a different country to escape the Nazi party.Laws were passed against the Jews. For example: expelling them from the army and banning them from being lawyers. The Nazi party also made sure that no Jews were in the war.

Why didn't Adolf Hitler like Jews?

Adolf Hitler didn't like Jews because he thought that they were the whole reason why Germany lost Wold War I. Hitler opposed to Jews, nonwhites and communism. Hitler also thought that if he allowed the Jews in the war  they would make Germany lose the war once again.

What did we learn from this historical event?

We leaned that we don't have to elect a ruler that will promise something because Adolf Hitler didn't fullfil his promises to Germany.

How did World War II end?

World war II ended by the U.S.A dropping atomic bombs on Japan. After that all of the other countries followed behind them.

Atomic bomb


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did Adolf Hitler get captured or did he kill himself what happened to him?