The Perfect Pilot

By Brinley

Going to College

The first thing you have to do to be a pilot is get your four year collage degree. Next you have to find flight school and get a flight instructor and begin working on a privet pilot certificate. Then you have to get your medical certificate. After that you have to be working on your instrument rating and commercial certificate.

Pilot's Job

Pilot do more than fly a plane him/her starts of him/her shift he/she. Pilots take care of there passengers because if they got sick you would know if you needed to land the plane that's why you need  to have a medical certificate. Pilots check the weather before they fly because if they don't and there was a storm the plane would crash and people would get hurt.

What a Pilot Needs

There's only two tools pilots need it is the planes gear and the steering wheel. If there was not a steering wheel they would not be able to drive and if there were not plane gear the plane would just crash.

The Pilot Uniform

Pilots need to wear a special uniform to know there a pilot. Do pilots wear special shoes? Yes Pilots wear special shoes. Pilots wear black pants to.

My Career Choice

I chose this career because I like being up high and flying and helping people.