The Loyalists have come to British North America !

After being kicked out of the thirteen colonies, the loyalists who were loyal to the British king were promised land and shelter but they never received it. To get out of the colonies they had to walk 100-300 miles to reach Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia. There were about 500 000 Loyalists who came to Canada. Loyalists were first made when the American revolution began.

When the loyalists reached their destination they were not happy.They had to live very hard for a couple of years. To survive, the loyalists are living in skinny tents or army barracks and for food they had to live of rations (amounts of food). Also they had trouble finding jobs for money. The loyalists are working very hard to build a new community, they had to start from scratch. They had to build their own houses, their own farms, breed their animals, and sometimes argue over land.

When the loyalists began to leave the colonies they had to hurry because if they didn’t Patriots would come to kill them. One to the biggest expulsion of these loyalists happened just recently in Boston, the loyalists were rushing to leave as fast as they could because the Patriots were infuriated with them. The Patriots broke the loyalist's homes and crops in rage, forcing them to get out. There were also riots on the streets of Boston where some loyalists were killed and others were robed and lost precious metals , jewels , and lots of money of the loyalists. It was hard for the loyalists to hurry to get out of their homes, they had no time to think, it was either to stay and get killed or move and start from scratch.

" I don’t think this is fair" said one of the busy loyalists on the street. "If they wanted us to leave they could have just told us" said another. " Why did they have to destroy or stuff" said a child to her parents, "I hate them, they are a disgrace" said one of the patriots.

Many Loyalists are working hard right now to create new homes, farms and villages right now as winter is fast approaching there are some Loyalists who already have a shelter for the winter

One of them is Hannah Ingraham. At the age of four her father joined the British army, which made the Patriots very angry. When the war ended she was about eleven years old. This was the age in which she would make the long voyage to Nova Scotia. When she got on the boat she was lucky to have nice people with her on the long ride, on the ride there were no problems. When Hannah and her family reached Nova Scotia they settled in St.Anne's Point where they were given skinny tents by the government.

Now Hannah has a house which her father has made somewhere in a forest. This house does not have proper flooring but dose have a roof and a fire place which will be enough to survive the up coming winter. She is also working hard at her job in which she make fabric to make clothes.

Although most loyalists hurried to get out of America, some stayed back and eventually were aloud to be citizens of America.

What will happen next to the Loyalists? Read the next weeks article to find out!

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