The 1900 Hurricane

Before the Storm

-Galveston was the main port of Texas and parts of the U.S.

-Was a barrier island

-Largest city in Texas - Pop: 22,248

-Galveston's highest point was 8.7 feet above sea level


-Isaac Cline- city's representative of the U.S. weather bureau

-People, even the mayor, ignored his storm warning and were warned as soon as September 4th.

Isaac Cline

The Storm

-Bridge to the mainland was destroyed.

-Water reached 15.7 feet above sea level

-Sisters of Charity Orphanage was destroyed with only three kids to survive

-Winds reached up to 150-200 mph

the orphanage

The orphanage before the storm

-Name: Sisters of Charity Orphanage

The orphanage started out as a hospital, but later on moved to former estate.

-10 sisters and 90 kids perished during the storm

Fun fact: the sisters promised the children that they would never let go of them. One of the sisters that was found dead was tightly holding two small children in her arms. Even when she died she kept her promise.


-6 to 12k dead (many were killed by debris)

-3,600 buildings destroyed

-$20 million in damage

-Bodies of the deceased had to be burned

-Looting began and 125 people were shot due to this problem


-Took 4 years to somewhat rebuild Galveston

-Galveston missed the oil boom

-Galveston's main purpose became tourism

-Houston became the main port

-Commission system of government