Jon Kitna, AKA The Chosen One

"Kitna is the greatest man on earth" - Me

Called it. I 100% always knew Kitna was far and above the greatest human to walk this earth.  I loved him as a quarterback and I loved him as a person during his time in Cincinnati.  I personally thought he should have started over Carson Palmer. Obviously the article is a long one so it’s hard to read but in Summary, Kitna went back to his old poverty stricken High School, became a football coach and math teacher, and decided to make a difference.  He essentially pulled a Major Colvin from Season 4 of The Wire and took all the “problem” kids out of the regular classroom and brought them into his Algebra class for some tough learning.  He also donated 150K (chump change for a man who requires 0 possessions) and had his NFL buddies donate various items and money to get the football program back on track.
“He just exudes positivism”.  First off, what a great word, exude.  Second off what a better thing for someone to say about you.  The only thing I exude is foul odors, but Jon Kitna is out there giving off positive ions to everyone he meets.  I legitimately and am inspired every time I hear or see anything about Kitna. The world needs about 1,000 more Jon Kitna’s.  Kitna needs a book of quotes similar to this: “Character is an every day, all the time thing,” Kitna says. “It’s who you really are. It’s not what
you turn on and off when you’re around a coach or at home with your parents
If this highschool doesn’t put this quote: “Character is an everyday, all the time thing” on their school or on a sign in front of the school they’re idiots.  What a great quote but what a better way to live your life. I legit feel like doing something good right now.  I won't, but it's nice to know the feeling is still there an available just in case I every need it.

PS: Was anyone else surprised to find out Kitna used to be a booze hound that
robbed 7-11’s?  I just imagine seeing a bald dude shoving breakfast sandwhiches into his pockets while belligerently stumbling though the candy aisle grabbing some gummy worms to throw in his Central
Washington hoodie, eventually paying for a pack of gum while grabbing a new pair of shades and Jesus hat on his way out.

Tackk it up!

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