Anne Frank Tackk

Robbi Allen 4th period

In Act 2, Scene 4, Anne wants Peter to believe that they have a life outside of these walls but Peter is getting impatient with being stuck in the attic with nothing to do. Anne wants to dream about what is to come once they aren't in hiding in the attic anymore. Anne doesn't want the Nazis to be able to take her mind away for her, she shows this why she says, "But, Peter, if you'd only look at it as part of a great pattern. . . that we're just a little minute in the life. . . Look at the sky now. Isn't it lovely?"(page 953). She doesn't want him to think of the future, instead of the past. She has this conversation with Peter because he doesn't believe they have a future and she wants him to believe that they have one. Peter is losing all faith that they will actually have a future.  How would you feel if you were stuck in an attic for two years and you were a growing teenager? It wouldn't feel to great im sure. Being a teen you want to go and explore the world and be free to be how you want to be. The reason I chose this picture is because it shows both Anne and Peter being teenagers and dreaming about a future where they could be free and happy. They were dreaming of a time there wasn't discrimination against them because of their religion or how they looked on the outside, but people still get judge today dont they? This picture also shows a girl who likes a boy and wants to make him feel better and the way to do that is to make him think of the future and instead of the past. If there someone you liked and they were going through a rough time in their life?

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