Statue of Zeus

Overthrowing Cronus

    Cronus, had many children with his sister/wife, Rhea. He swallowed his children because of a prophecy by his parents, Gaia and Uranus, that he would be overthrown by his son just like he overthrew Uranus. When, Zeus was born, Rhea got Gaia's help to protect the child. Rhea than gives Cronus a large stone wrapped in cloth which was supposedly Zeus. He was then hidden in a cave where he would be raised. There are various versions of who raised him including Gaia, a goat named Amalthea, some nymphs, and a shepherd. After reaching manhood, either Zeus forced his father to disgorge his siblings, or that a younger titan, Metis, gave Cronus an emetic. Other, less popular myths are that Zeus cut into Cronus' stomach. After releasing his brethren, he released the monsters (cyclopes, gigantes, and Hecatonchires) from Tartarus, the cyclopes gave him lightning and thunder. Zeus, his siblings, and the released monsters waged a war with the Titans. Beating the Titans, Zeus made the final Titan (Atlas) hold the sky up. Gaia, who is upset by the way Zeus treated her children, summons her last 2 children as a reconciliation. Typhon and Echidna, who are the father and mother of ALL monsters with a fearsome reputation. Zeus beats Typhon and imprisons him under a mountain, but leaves Echidna.


Very angry, romantic sort, proud, carefree god.

Was the Lord of Justice, and controls the weather.

Family: Cronus:Titan of time and father to Zeus

Athena: Goddess of wisdom and daughter of Zeus

Hera: Sister and Wife of Zeus

Ares: God of war and son of Zeus and Hera

Metis: Cousin of Zeus which aired Athena with him

Rhea: Mother of Zeus

Hades: Brother and ruler of the underworld

Poseidon: Brother and ruler of seas

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