Come visit the spectacular Piedmont with Morgan Miller and Kayla Alexander.

This Picture was taken at Piedmont Park in Atlanta Georgia

The Piedmont is waiting for your visit. Whether your coming for business opportunities or just for fun, it is the perfect place for a family outings. Kids, go visit Stone Mountain Park with your family or go to the Georgia Aquarium. In Piedmont Park there is always something to do. There are festivals and sports that the whole family can take place in. The Piedmont is the place for you!!!

Geography in The Spectacular Piedmont

     The Piedmont includes many of Georgia's greatest counties, such as Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon. In Atlanta, the busiest city, there are many activities for the family. A day at the aquarium or the World of Coke in Atlanta. The Piedmont starts up north at 1500 ft. above sea level, and slowly decreases to 400 ft. above sea level. It embraces about one third of Georgia! That's a lot of land! The clear difference in land when the Piedmont meets the Coastal Plain is the Fall Line. The Fall Line is a line of waterfalls formed from rivers flowing and meeting a rapid change in elevation.

Phisical Features in The Spectacular Piedmont

     Much of the Piedmont is made of hills and valleys. Because there are not many rocky hills, the Piedmont is good for agriculture. Here they plant peaches, peanuts, cotton. and many more delicious foods. The Piedmont also has "Georgia Red Clay". Luckily this clay does not effect the agriculture. In the Piedmont the Chattahoochee and Savannah River are major. Since the Piedmont gets most of their drinking water from reservoirs/standing water, they receive a lot of it from the Chattahoochee River. The Savannah River helps with international trade. It runs down The East of Georgia.

Industries Here

     For industries that would like to relocate here, here are a few businesses that got here 1st. Chick-fil-a, now a huge fast food restaurant, began here in the Piedmont. The Piedmont also produces many transportation things, such as cars and airplanes.  Car dealerships that are in Georgia include Porsche and KIA.  They worlds second busiest airport is also located in the Piedmont. The Piedmont is a good location for transportation since the Savannah and Chattahoochee River runs through it. The Piedmont is the most populated place in Georgia therefore companies earn more money. Bring your business to the piedmont today!!!

Cool Facts!!!

    In  Georgia the piedmont region is a very incredible place. It covers over 18,000 miles of Georgia. That's 1/3 of Georgia!!! Before the early 1800's the region was covered with hardwood forests and nutrient-rich topsoil. Though, much of the rich soil is washed away due to the Europeans over farming. In the 1930s the rich soil was so spent that many cotton fields shut down. It is at that time forestry became the main form of agriculture in the Piedmont.

   The area is known to many plants and animals. Trees that are common in this area include peach, pecan, oak, and pine trees. The animals include opossum, squirrel, deer, and snake. Our state bird is the Brown Thrasher. So no matter what you come here for, family fun or business, you are sure to be amazed with the spectacular Piedmont!!!


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