K-12 mLearning Apps

5 apps to use in Physical Education


QR means "quick read." It is a bar code that can be read by your cellphone or other camera with the appropriate software. These codes can hold links to websites, text, picture, etc, and with the appropriate download your device will open it right up for viewing.

I used QR codes in my physical eduction class. With their devices students would scan the code and they would be given a set of directions or a link to a youtube video. The directions would tell them what exercise to do and how many sets/reps. The youtube videos were for the machines in the exercise room to demonstrate proper/safe use. QR could be used for an endless amount of activities within the classroom prompting students with different questions, set up a a scavenger hunt and so on to promote using their devices in a fun way for learning.  Students could even set up their own QR codes to create activities.


This app allows teachers or students to record performance and then replay it for analysis. Features allow you to play it in slow motion, zoom in, circle different things, stop, replay.

Students can use it for peer assessment and error detection/correction with each other. This helps them to develop a critical eye for the steps of the skills which helps them to perform the skills as well. Teachers can all use it for their own assessment both formative and summative. Skills happen so quickly that sometimes teachers are not able to view everything happening at once, this also allows for almost instant feedback for correction.


It is an app that has a data base of more than 3 million foods with the option to input your own, scan bar codes, insert recipes. You can use this app to track your food intake, tracking calories, as well as macronutrients and micronutrients.

I would incorporate this into my health and nutrition unit of Physical Education. Students could use the app to track their daily intake of food and analysis it after a week as a project. You can create usernames (privacy) and add people as friends. The teacher could then see if each student was tracking daily. Students can bring awareness to their daily eating habits, learn about healthy eating and eating a balanced diet with this app.


This app allows you to track your running, showing pace, time, distance, calories burned, run route, and stores them in your phone for future progress tracking.

This app is great if used in the right context. It tracks and stores your runs allowing you to set goals for yourself. This app could be used in alignment with curriculum on goal setting. It can be setup to a Facebook account so that you can post when you are running, friends can then like or comment which sends you cheers as a motivational factor. There is also a built in voice that will comment/motivate you as your run, with the option to play a "pump" up song as you run.

3D model app with over 700 pictures showing names, definitions, common disease, quizzes and also has a function allowing you to create study cards.

There is this app as well as others in the series showing different anatomy of the body. This would help with students understanding in how the body works within physical education. It is a great study tool app that is easy for students to get a lot of information quickly.  

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