We Grow Accustomed to the Dark
by Emily Dickinson

1. Listen and read along with the video above. With your partner/group prepare to discuss the following:

*What do we hear about the darkness in the first two stanzas?
*Is there a possibility of inner darkness? Why do you think so or not?
*What is the relationship between the speaker and the darkness?
*How would you characterize the final stanza?

You may also view the poem here: We Grow Accustomed

Share at least one revelation from your discussion in our Todays Meet. Make sure you are able to support your conclusions with textual references. We will discuss as a class after your partner/group discussion.

ACTIVITY - Due Friday 2/6/15

2. Using TACKK, select ONE option from each of the THREE categories on the project information handout to include in you poster. Once completed, add the following tags to your TACKK: #mrsfutrell #period1 #english1