Sidney Trip

By: Sean Taylor

Thanks Sidney! Thank you for letting us come to your school and the woods by your school for the Green Connections trip.

We went to the park to release the trout and for other activities.  We also tested the water for Ph, Chloride, Nitrate, and Water Alkalinity .  We released the trout in the river ,and we learned about floods preventing floods, and preparing for floods.  There was also another station about trees.  We learned how to fly fish at the trout release station.We also played kickball here since the school was under construction.

The hike in the woods was fun!  Cameron caught a garden snake, and Hunter caught two frogs .  I saw other students ,as well as St. Clare students ,catching Salamanders.  We went where no other St. Clare class has gone before,  we went up the mountain even further.


The trees stand tall and

The river runs by passing

The rocks that sit still

The Susquehanna

River is being watched by

The rocks and the trees

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