Tucker County Mt.Lions undefeated

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Mt.Lions end season 12-1

It is the first time in the Tucker County's Football Program's history with an undefeated season.  We had an unbelievable season. As a freshmen I looked up to everybody ahead of me. I was inspired by the heart, sweat, and blood that the was  put into practice and games to go as far as we did. Every time we won for 12 times in a row we would always play the song "don't stop believing by Journey" but there was one game the last game we would play this season. We played Madonna. They were a good team but we were better. We went into half time tied at 14. At the end of the fourth quarter we were still tied. We battled in double over time but lost to a Madonna touchdown. We were all in shock. we knew we were the better team that day. That loss was the first loss of the 2012-13 season. We put up a great fight. Good job boys. We did something that nobody in tucker county history did. To me we still are #1...

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