When I play music I feel....
Shy,Questioning,and Accomplished

Created By Kayla Robinson ,Band 8 - Mod 7A - 2014

Kayla Robinson

I have been playing the flute for 2 years. I enjoy the hearing the beautiful sound from my flute . When I see myself playing the flute in the beginning I feel shy because I see that nervous attention right next to me not ready to burst. I feel questioned, asking questions to myself. I am ready?  Do I know what I am doing? . But once I start playing my flute and continuing playing, at the end I feel ACCOMPLISHED. It feels like I succeeded in my mission by playing my flute. When I am at home all alone I like to listen to Pop, and R&B. These images I choose represent me as I am shy like a baby chick just hatch. A person that is questioning what to do and baby who has a bald up fist saying his mission is accomplished.

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