Rocks and Landform Research Project

Metamorphic Rocks

A metamorphic rock is a result of a transformation of a pre-existing rock. The original rock is subjected to very high heat and pressure, which cause obvious physical and chemical changes.

  1. Schist is a coarse-grained metamorphic rock that consists of layers of different minerals and can be split into thin irregular plates
  2. Hornfels is a dark, fine-grained metamorphic rock.
  3. Slate is a fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces.
  4. Soapstone is a soft rock consisting largely of talc.
  5. Marble is a hard  metamorphic form of limestone, typically white with mottlings or streaks of color, that is capable of taking a polish and is used in sculpture and architecture.

Igneous rocks

  1. Andesite is a dark, fine-grained, brown or grayish volcanic rock that is intermediate in composition between rhyolite and basalt.
  2. Basalt is a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure. It is typically composed largely of plagioclase with pyroxene and olivine.
  3. Diorite is a speckled, coarse-grained igneous rock.
  4.  Scoria is a basalt lava rock that has a bubbly texture.
  5. Granite is a very hard igneous rock and is often used as a building stone.

   An igneous rock  is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

Sedimentary rocks

  1. Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock, composed mainly of calcium carbonate or dolomite, used as building material and in the making of cement.
  2. Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock  strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams.
  3. Rock Salt is a common salt occurring naturally as a mineral; halite.
  4. Sand Stone rock is a sedimentary rock consisting of sand or quartz grains cemented together, typically red, yellow, or brown in color.
  5. Flint Rock isa hard stone, a form of silica resembling chalcedony but more opaque, less pure, and less lustrous.

A sedimentary rocks are types of rocks that are formed by the deposition of material at the Earth's surface and within bodies of water.