European Exploration

                  Dear King Louis XII, please fund my trip to Eastern Canada.  As being a French men I honor you a lot.   While honoring you I wish to go on a trip to the Americas.  All I need you to do is fund my trip that is happening 4/1/1610.

If you chose me to go North Americas you will be glad!  All I need you to pay for is 4 ships and you must hire me men with a variety of occupations.

- 5  fishers

- 3 well trained sailers

- 10 miners

- 4 navigators

- 45 young and fit men

- 10 ship builders

- 5 surveyors

I need all of these people so if any misfortunes happens, which I doubt will happen,  I'm bringing the fishers because I need them to fish if we run out of food earlier than we expect to.  I am bringing the young men because I need them to be back ups if any important people become injured or die.

I am traveling west from France and am expecting to arrive in this location. Depending on our situation I will ether go into the river or deeper inside the bay as far as possible.

Why should we take this trip?

Look how successful other explores were in there expedition.  If you let me go you, the king, will be happier and richer than the English and the Spanish Monarchy.

I guarantee you that we will find fur and gold that Coronado and Cabot didn't find.

What will you earn.

If you fund other explorers for this trip then you will be disappointed.  I will find you mountains of gold.  I will spread Christianity with the natives there.  If they don't agree with me then I will punish them.  I will try trading fur with them and weapons for our weapons. In the meantime us French men will be capturing their territory. 

What will I get from this trip.

I'm looking for gold and fur like all other explorers would.  With this money I will keep my family healthy with proper medical care.  I will trade it with other foreigners who are entering the country of France and maybe even in Quebec.  Whit this trip and the money I earn I will gain more respect in France.

You will be glad you funded me!

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I really liked how you said specifically how many people you want and what job they have

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There goes Paul again with his regular "cool"