The Arms Race

Christina Ramey   Mrs.Bebe    2nd hour

   The 'Arms Race' was a competition mainly between the U.S. and The Soviet union. It was to see which group had the most nuclear power. As it went on, other countries  joined. This included Great Britain, France, and the People's Republic of  China.

   This expensive event in the cold war started on August 29th 1949 as the Soviet union tested their first atomic bomb. As the weapons advanced we created new radar systems so we could detect and shoot down the new weapons. One of the most dangerous parts is the amount. It was estimated that by 1961 there was enough bombs to destroy the world. Soon though - like most components in the cold war - the race ended with the collapse of the Soviet union.

   As time progressed we and many other countries have made even more bombs. So in all I think the Arms race was the most dangerous and expensive part of the cold war.

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