21st Century Learning @
HALB Elementary School

Morah Fraidel Shollar

The HALB First Grade Limudei Kodesh Girls Section has embraced the use of technology in the classroom as a tool for teaching diverse learners. Lessons that include the use of technology are engaging and differentiated. The use of screencasts and video strengthen the home-school connection as they are posted on the class Haiku website. A typical day in First Grade includes the use of Smartboard Software, screencasts and teacher created instructional video clips.

Students in Kitah Aleph begin their day with an interactive Seder Hayom Smartboard lesson all in Ivrit. Students work cooperatively to figure out the Hebrew day, month, season and year as well as the parashat ha'shavua and daily weather. This allows students to begin Limudei Kodesh immersed in Ivrit in a way that reaches all students. It also serves as a daily review of some important Yediot Klaliot.

The talmidot in Kitah Aleph are just beginnning to read. Screencasting the tefillah has enabled our emerging Hebrew readers to follow the davening more easily. It is exciting for the students to collaborate with the teacher on the creation of the screencasts. Screencasts are available to parents who wish to strengthen their child’s davening at home on Sundays and vacation days.

The use of interactive kriah games, contributes to more engaging lessons in Hebrew reading. Lessons can easily be adapted to suit different levels in the classroom. Each day students participate in small group in instruction. When working in these groups, various interactive Smartboard activities allow for easy differentiation and for the creation of Kriah learning centers.

Students, parents and teachers all benefit from the recently implemented technology in our First Grade Limudei Kodesh classrooms. As we continuously strive to partner together as a learning community that values education, technology will play an increasing role as a learning tool.

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