Things I love


I love cookies. Cookies are very good. They're are delicious.

I love

I love cherry blossoms. These are very beautiful.

I love anime

This is one of the animes I love. This one is called Sword Art Online 2. The other animes I love to watch are Attack On Titan, Blue Exorcist, and many more.

I love animals

Another thing I love is puppies and kittens. They are cute and fuzzy. They also like to cuddle.

Pastel colors

I love bright colors. especially pastel colors. I also like donuts and that is why I picked this picture.

I love watching youtube

I love watching VanossGaming on youtube. I love watching him because he plays with other players that are also youtubers. This video is my favorite.

I love music

I love this song. Often by The Weekend is my favorite song so far.

favorite website

This game website is really fun. You, at first, are a small circle eating tiny circles and getting bigger. Then when you get big enough, you can eat all the circles in the game.

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